Gear List of Backpacking Guiding Trip

Thank you choice our trip! We will guiding you to explore the beautiful mountains in Taiwan.
You will be need to bring proper personal gear during the trip. Please check the gear list as below.Please let us know if there is any part no clear.

[Base Lase] 
Material : The materials dry fast like Synthetic, Wool and Silk. Pure cotton is not acceptable.

Long pant that is durable and dry fast for for backpacking. 
The material dry fast like Synthetic, Wool and Silk. Pure cotton is not acceptable.

Dry fast and comfortable for multi day trip. Bring two for interchange. 
The materials like synthetic, wool, blended. Pure cotton is not recommended

[Soft Shell]
This is optional. Soft shell should highly breathable, wind resistance and light weight. 
The material like synthetic or nylon. Pure cotton is not recommended. 

[Rain Jacket] 
Waterproof and Breathable light weight jacket with hood. 
The materials like GORE-TEX, eVent or similar.

[Rain Pant]  
Waterproof and Breathable light weight long pants. 
The materials like GORE-TEX, eVent or similar.

[Insulated Jacket]
Light weight warm jacket that wear in the rain jacket or soft shell. High quality down is highly recommended. Synthetic is acceptable as well. Pure cotton is not acceptable.

[Waterproof Glove]
Light weight durable waterproof glove with synthetic filled. One pair shell glove with liner glove is good as well. Liner material like wool, synthetic, down. Pure cutton is not acceptable

[Warm hat]
Light weight synthetic or wool hat that can keep warm and wind blocking. 
Pure cotton is not acceptable

[Sun Hat]
Baseball cap or other type for Sun protection. The Buff is useful too.

Bring two pairs of backpacking synthetic or wool socks. Liner socks is optional.

Optional. Waterproof long gaiter with knee height can protect your pants.

Waterproof mid or high cut backpacking boots.  

[Sleeping Bag] 
The confortable temperature below 15F. Weight less than 1.8kg.

[Sleeping Pad]
Light weight inflate pad is highly suggestion. Foam pad is acceptable.

Backpack should large enough for carry all your personal gear and some share gear like tent or stove. Volume between 45L to 60L. Comfortable to carry for long day hiking

Should 100% block UV light.

[Trekking Pole]
Optional. Trekking pole can help balance when carry heavy backpack. 

[Eating Utensils]
Spoon, Thermal Mug or Bowl

1L to 1.5L bottle 

[Personal Medicine]
Any medicines what you need to take. Please inform instructor what medicine you take and where you storage.

[Personal Toiletries]
Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, small bottle hand sanitizer
Bring no more than one roll of toilet paper. 
We need carry the the toilet paper after used.

[Sunscreen and Lip stick]
a small bottle sunscreen with SPF at least 35.

LED model with 1 set of spare battery.

[Ear Plugs]
Optional. Good for stay in the Hub. 

Pocket Size is recommended. If you prefer DLSR, please make sure bring the proper case with you.

[Extra Clothes]
Bring the clothes for change after hiking.

[Passport Copy]
For Emergency Check only.