Anchoring Course


Anchoring is the base of traditional rock climbing. Canyoning and top site safety management!
This course will start from introduction of protection device and the principle. At the end of course, student will rappelling from the anchoring point build by them-self.This course is not only lecture course but also a lot hand on practice that student can learn complete skill of anchoring building.

Course Outline
  • How to use different protection device
  • How to place the protection device 
  • ADDRESS Principle
  • Anchoring Point Setting.
  • Top Site Safety Management

Notice:The real course material will adjust by student learn condition.

Course Schedule: 2014.12.20

Group Size : Minimum 3 person / Maximum 6 person

Main Instructor : Sam Yang

Location : Taipei-New Bei Tou Climbing Area

Register : Please click  ZA Course Register System

Tuition : NT$ 3000 (Tuition included instructor fee, Insurance and lunch)

Personal Gear : Helmet, Locking Carabiner x 4, 12m webbing x 1, Belay Device (Be able to do dual rope rappelling) Water Bottle, Sun Protection, Rain Cloth, you could use other climbing protection device what you like to use.  

Wilderness First Aid Course


Wilderness First Aid is the basic course design for people who join outdoor activity. The course take 16 hours in two days. The topic cover from the patient exam, treatment, survival skills. The CPR does not covered in the course. The student who pass the course and exam will get the certification from SOLO (Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities) and the period validity is 2 years. 

If you are WFR certification holder, you can refresh your certification through take this course.

Notice: Not every student who join the course can get the certification!

Schedule : 2015.01.10 ~ 11 (2 days, 16 hours)

Location : The boy scout camping area in Yang Ming Shan, Taipei, Taiwan.

Register : Please click ZA Course Rigister System

 Tuition : NT$ 6000 per person / WFR Refresh - NT$ 6500 per person
           (Notice-1 : the tuition cover instructor fee, textbook, certification fee and lunch box)
           (Notice-2 : People who need to to WFR refresh must have CPR whthin the period validity.)

Group Size : 10 minimum / 20 maximum

Instructor : Dr. Benjamin Rush

Course Outline:

  • Introduction of Wilderness Medicine
  • Medical and Legal Issue
  • BSI - Body Substance Isolation
  • Patent Assessment System
  • Primary Survey
  • Patient Lifting and Moving Techniques
  • Secondary Survey
  • Traumatic Injuries
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries and Splinting
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Bleeding Control and Shock
  • Central Nervous System and Head Injuries
  • Bites and Stings by Insect or Snake       
  • Hyperthermia
  • Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke
  • Environmental Emergencies and Survival Skills
  • Lighting
  • Respiratory and Cardiovascular Issue
  • Soft Tissue Injuries

Personal Gear List:

1.  Wick layer top and pants.
2.  Sport Shoes, Trail Running Shoes or Boots (The sandal does not acceptable)
2.  Rain Jacket and Rain Pant
3.  Warm Cloth
5.  Sleeping Bag and Sleeping Pad
6.  2 x 4m Webbing
7.  1 x Badanas
8.  Backpack (Big enough to carry all your personal gear)
9.  Headlamp
10. 1 x 12m cord (Paracord or Prusik cord are acceptable)
11. Pen and Note book
12. Sun Protection (Hats, Sun Scream, Lip stick, Sun Glasses)
13. Towel
14. Exchange Clothes.
15. Water Bottle (1L or larger)

Notice : All these items should be packed in your backpack for scenario exercises. You will be using your equipment to provide care and keep yourself and OTHERS warm. Dependent on your course location the needs may change, but remember you  will be using these items to care for others. These items may get dirty and/or wet during course.

Basic Outdoor Rock Climbing Course


This is rock climbing 101 course. If want to experience rock climbing or outdoor rock climbing, this course is designed for you!This is one day course at Long Dong - North Taiwan where is the best rock climbing area in Taiwan.You will not only experience the exciting of outdoor rock climbing but also learn the basic skill of rock climbing.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction of Outdoor Rock Climbing
  • Communication of Rock Climbing
  • Basic Rock Climbing Gear 
  • Rope Coil
  • Basic Knots
  • Climbing Belay
  • Top roped climbing
  • Rappelling

Notice: The real course outline may adjust base on student learning conditions.

Course Schedule : 2015.01.03 

Location : Long Dong Rock Climbing Area, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Tuition : NT$ 3000 
               (Tuition Incuded Instructor fee, personal gear, Insurance and lunch)

Register: Please Click  ZA Course Register System 

Group Size: 6 person minimum / 8 person maximum

Traditional Climbing Course


Traditional Climbing is not only the base of technical mountaineering but also the core skill of rock climbing. The difference of Traditional climbing and Sport Climbing is you need place the anchor by yourself. You will get the higher freedom because traditional climbing does not limit by the anchor.You may had been climb in the gym or top rope climbing outdoor for a while. This course is designed for you!

We will begin by reviewing the basic skill of climbing such as knots, belaying...etc. Following the the most important part is how to place the protection device. The student will doing mock leading means lead climbing with another belay rope. This Course will cover the most skills of traditional climbing. The main characteristics is lots of practices and instructor feedback.  

Attention : We do not suggest student go traditional climbing by themself right after course because need more practice.We suggect student start traditional climbing lead climbing when they have more experience of follow climbing and mock leading experience.

Course Outline

  •   Basic Climbing Skill : 3H Safety Check, Belay Skill, Basic Konts.
  •   Climbing Protection Placement : STAR Principle, The use method of different protection device.
  •   Mock Leading : Traditional lead climbing with belay rope. Instructor will offer individual feedback.
  •   Top Belay : Build up the personal belay station and belay the follower.
  •   Return : The method of return by rappelling safely.

Notice : The real course material will various base on student condition.


Course Schedule : 2015.01.31~02.01 (2 Days)

Course Register : Please click the ZA course register system

Chief Instructor : Dr. Benjamin Rush

Course Location : Long Dong Climbing Area, Taiwan.

Course Tuition : NT$ 7000 

                               (Tuition included instructor fee, insurance, personal gear and lunch)

Group Size : 4 person minimum, 6 person maximum

傳統攀岩課程 (Traditional Climbing Course)




請注意 : 由於傳統攀登需要較多的練習,因此即使在課程結束後,並不建議學員自行進行




  •  基本技術複習: 3H安全檢查、確保手勢、基本繩結,。
  •  岩械使用: STAR 原則,不同岩械的使用及注意事項,岩械回收。
  •  模擬先鋒攀登: 在有確保的狀況下,進行模擬先鋒攀登,指導員會給學員回饋。
  •  上方確保: 如何做自我安全固定,上方確保跟隨攀登者的方法。
  •  撤退: 在完成攀登後,如何採用安全的垂降的方式進行撤退。
請注意 : 課程內容會依實際上課狀況有所調整

課程時間:2015 年 1 月 31 日~ 2 月1 日 (兩天)

報名方式:請進入 ZA課程報名系統

主指導員:Benjamin Rush 博士

課程地點 : 龍洞攀岩場

課程費用 : NT$ 7000 (費用包含指導費,個人裝備以及午餐)

人數限制 : 4 人開課,最多6人