[WFR] Wilderness First Responder Course

Wilderness First Responder
The Requirement of Professional Outdoor Leaders

Wilderness First Responder is the first aid requirement skill of professional outdoor leaders. The topics of this course included patient exam, back country essential skills and long term patient take care, etc. 

This course is 72 hours in 7 days. Student who finish courses and pass exam can get the license of WFR from SOLO(Stonehearth Open Learning Oppotunities). The license will effective in 3 years. 

How to refresh the WFR license : Refresh by take WFA course. (16 hours in 2 days)

Our main instructor is Matthew May from SOLO in US. This course will teach in English with translation in Chinese.

This international certification course that included paper test and Hans on exam.

Notice: Not every student can pass the exam and get the license.

Course Schedule: 2015 - April 25th to April 26th + April 29th to May 3rd. 
                                    (Total 72 hours in 7 days)                                       
                                 Notice : Complete course included above two sections.                                   

Course Location : the camp site in north Taiwan

Course Tuition: NT$28500 (the tuition included textbook, instructor fee, certification fee and 

Register : Please mail to sam.zaxis@gmail.com , the title please note [WFR Register]
Group Size: 20 person (the minimum size is 15.)

Instructors:   Main instructor: Mathew May from SOLO.
                         Assistant Instructor: Sam Yang from ZA


1. The student has prepare personal gear that similar to the gear of backpacking trip. 

     We will offer the gear list.

野外急救員課程 (WFR - Wilderness First Responder Course)


急救員Wilderness First Responder,是針對戶外領導人員或是專業戶外人士,所設的野外急救課程。課程涵蓋的主題從評估與急救、生技巧到如何在偏遠地區中實與治療.

此課程爲7天72小時課程,完成課程並通過測驗後。授以美國 SOLO (Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunitites)發之 WFR (Wilderness First Responder)認證,有期限3。之後認証更新是上兩天16小時的WFA的課程課程進行更新。

此次指導員特請為SOLO的指導員 - Mathew May來台進行開課,ZA 指導員 Sam Yang 為助理講師並協助全程中文翻譯。



         課程期間: 2015年 4月 25日~4月26日 + 4月29日~5月3日(總計 7 天 72小時)                                              請注意 : 兩段課程要全部參加才算課程完成


         課程費用:NT$28500元 (用包教材義、練費授證費、午餐)

        報名方式  : 請連結至 ZA 報名系統 直接進行報名,確定開課後會發課前通知。

授課教師 :   主教練 -SOLO 教育中心指導員- Mathew May
                     助理教練及翻譯 -ZA 指導員Sam Yang

注意事項: 1. 參加課學員必需行準備攜帶個人裝
                           (,會以 e-mail )

聯絡方式 Sam Yang (楊玄菱)

傳統攀岩 - 裝備檢查表


普魯士繩環 x 2
有鎖扣環  x 4


岩械 (Nut, Hex, Cams, Tri-Cam)
岩械移除工具 (Nut Tool)
固定點用 扁帶 /  普魯士繩 / 靜力繩
有鎖扣環 / 無鎖扣環

基礎溪谷探險 - 技術檢查表

溪谷探險背景知識 (Canyoning Background Knowledge)

何謂溪谷探險 (What is Canyoning?)
溪谷探險分類 (Canyoning Classify)
溪谷地形 (Terrain of Canyon)
溪谷探險難度分級 (The difficulty level of canyoning) 
台灣/世界 溪谷探險發展現況 (Canyoning Development in Taiwan & World)