Traditional Climbing Course


Traditional Climbing is not only the base of technical mountaineering but also the core skill of rock climbing. The difference of Traditional climbing and Sport Climbing is you need place the anchor by yourself. You will get the higher freedom because traditional climbing does not limit by the anchor.You may had been climb in the gym or top rope climbing outdoor for a while. This course is designed for you!

We will begin by reviewing the basic skill of climbing such as knots, belaying...etc. Following the the most important part is how to place the protection device. The student will doing mock leading means lead climbing with another belay rope. This Course will cover the most skills of traditional climbing. The main characteristics is lots of practices and instructor feedback.  

This course will focus on single pitch trad climbing. May cover some topics about multi pitch climbing but these topics will not in operate practice section.

Course Length :  2024 open course under planning (4 days course) 

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Course Location : Long Dong Climbing Area, Taiwan.

Course Tuition : NT$ 14000 

                             (Tuition included instructor fee, insurance, lunch)

Course Pre Requirement:

  • Can climbing YDS 5.9 of top roped climbing

Group Size :  6 maximum

Course Outline

  •   Basic Climbing Skill Review: Safety Check, Belay Skill, Basic Konts.
  •   Climbing Protection Placement : STARS Principle, The use method of different protection device.
  •   Mock Leading : Traditional lead climbing with belay rope. Instructor will offer individual feedback.
  •   Anchoring : Build up the anchor with traditional gear.
  •   Top Belay : Build up the personal belay station and belay the follower.
  •   Clean Anchor : The method of return by rappelling safely.

Notice : The real course material will various base on student condition.

Attender Gear List : 
  • Helmet (Certified by UIAA)
  • Climbing Harness  (Certified by UIAA)
  • Belay Device (Ex: Black Diamond ATC guide)
  • Climbing Shoes (Comfortable to long time wear)
  • Cams : One Sets (below two are recommendation sets)
    • Black Diamond C4 #0.3~#3
    • DMM Dragon 2 #00~#5
  • Nuts : One Set (below two are recommendation sets)
    • Black Diamond Stopper Set #5-#11
    • DMM Wallnut Set #3-#8 
  • Nut Tool
  • 60cm Dyneema sling x 6
  • 120cm Dyneema sling x 1 
  • Pear Shape Locking Carabiner x 4 (Certified by UIAA)
  • Non Locking Carabiner x 12 (Certified by UIAA)
  • 7mm Accessory Cord x 5m long  (Certified by UIAA)
  • Sawn Prusik Loop (Sterling Rope - 13.5" Hollow Block) - sale in 登山友 outdoor store
  • Rain Coat
  • Sunglasses
  • Water Bottle
  • Headlamp