Mountaineering Basic Course


Do you want to start the overnight mountain backpacking in Taiwan? This course is design for you.  The goal of this course is to let student could independent plan and start the overnight mountain backpacking safely. The course will start from the introduction of mountaineering then follow up with gear select, food and trip plan...etc. All the course is running in the mountain area. You will bivy under just a tarp during the course and enjoy the beautiful trip in the mountain.

Course date : 2024 open course under planning (3days, 3 nights, prior night will meet and bivy at the trail head)

Course Location : Mountain Bi-Lu

Pre Requirement:You could complete long than 6 hours day hiking and regular exercise.

Instructor:Sam Yang / YoYo Chen

Tuition : NT$15000 (Included Instructor fee, insurance, share gear, transportation between Taichung High speed rail station to trail head, the food during the course.)

Group Size : 4~6 students with 2 instructors.

Registration : Please Click ⇨ ZA Course Registration System

Course Outline
  • Mountaineering Introduction
  • Gear and Clothing
  • Packing
  • Light weight principle
  • Moving Skills
  • Trip plan
  • Emergency plan
  • Food plan
  • Stove use
  • Bivy and Tarp setup
  • Orientation
  • Water treatment
  • Risk Management
  • LNT 7 Principle
    • Plan & Prepare
    • Camping and traveling on durable surface
    • Treat the waste properly     
    • Leave what you found                                                                    
    • Minimum the impact of fire                                           
    • Respect the wild life
    • Consider other user
  • Emergency Scenario 

Personal Gear List (Recommend rental first except the personal clothes)
  • Wick T shirt (Non Cotton)
  • [Femle] Sport Underwear
  • Long Pants (Non Cotton)
  • [Optional] Wind Jacket (Non Cotton)
  • Rain Jacket or Waterproof/Breathable Jacket 
  • Rain Pants or Waterproof/Breathable Pants 
  • Warm Jacket (Non Cotton)
  • Waterproof Glove
  • Warm Hat or scarf
  • 2 pairs Socks
  • Mid or high cut backpacking boots
  • Sleeping Bag (Comfortable temperature under 5°C)
  • Full body Sleeping Pad (Thickness higher than 1.5cm)
  • Backpack (Volume between 45~55L)
  • Backpack liner bag or big plastic bag
  • Sunglass
  • Spare Glasses (Must carry if you wear contact lens)
  • Small trash bag
  • Trekking Pole
  • Personal cutlery (spoon, fork or chopsticks)
  • Dining container (heat-resistant plastic or metal material, capacity over 500cc)
  • Total capacity 2L water bottle or water bag
  • [Female] Menstrual items (regardless of whether it is a menstrual period or not, please prepare multiple sets of pads or tampons, tissues, zipper bags and small plastic bags according to the number of days)
  • Sunscreen (small bottle)
  • sunscreen lipstick
  • LED headlights (you need to make sure that the power is sufficient for more than 30 hours, if you are not sure, please bring a spare battery)
  • Compass (for mountaineering, 360-degree scale is required)
  • pen and small notebook
  • hand sanitizer
  • whistle
  • Personal medicines (if you have special medicines, please inform the instructor before class)
  • Emergency food (high calorie food)
  • Clean clothes with a separate bag for change after course
  • Heath insurance card
  • Smart Phone with Pre download GPS app.