Mountain Leader Skills + LNT Trainer Course


This course is the core skill of mountain leader. This course fit for the volunteer leader, outdoor education and the people want to work related to the outdoor education or instruction. This course will included the basic backpacking skills, leader skill and LNT training. After this course, you will learn the mountain leader skill and also get the certification of LNT trainer from LNT center! 

Course Schedule :  2023 course under planning

Course Location :  Mountain Area around Middle Taiwan 

Course Instructor : Sam Yang

Course Tuition : NT$12000
* Tuition Included Insurance, Food, Instructor fee, Share Gear. Not included Traffic)
* Course Canceling Policy   
* Weather Risk : This outdoor course with certain weather. 
                           If the weather risk is too high, we may decided to cancel this course 
                           for safety concern. If the course cancel because of weather concern, 
                           we will return tuition deduce the insurance fee.

Group Size : 6 

Course Register : Please click ⇒ ZA Course Register System

Course Pre_Requires: Attender must has more than 5 night backpacking experience.

Course Outline:
  • Introduction of Mountain Leader Skills
  • Mountaineering Skill Overview
  • LNT Introduction
  • Risk Management
  • Trip Plan
  • Night Movement 
  • Emergency retreat
  • Moving Management
  • Tarp Setting and Bivy
  • Orientation
    • Map Reading 
    • Terrain Orientation
    • Compass Use
    • GPS application
    • 3 & 2 point locate method 
    • Bearing Direction
  • Team Management
  • Leadership Introduction
  • LNT 7 Principle
    • plan ahead and prepare,
    • travel and camp on durable surfaces,
    • dispose of waste properly,
    • leave what you find,
    • minimize campfire impacts,
    • respect wildlife,
    • be considerate of other visitors.
  • LNT Trainer Course & Workshop
  • Instructor Feedback