Mountain Backpacking Course


Backpacking is the core skill of the outdoor adventure.  This course will teach the core overnight adventure trip skills base on the mountain backpacking.We hope the student who complete this course will have ability to do multi days mountain backpacking trip independently.

The course is not only design for the people who like to go mountain overnight backpacking trip but also the fundamental skills for outdoor leaders. This course will host in the beautiful mountain treking route in Taiwan.The course will start at the trail head in the morning. Students will need to carry all your gear, share foods and gear. We suggest the student who want to attend this course need has the regular exercise and good fitness.

Course Schedule : 17th~19th, March, 2018
                                (We will camp around trail head at the night before first day course)

Course Location :  The South Peak of Mt.Chilai and Mt. Nan Hua  (奇萊南華)

Course Instructor : Sam Yang & Corey Chang

Course Tuition : NT$9000
* Tuition Included Insurance, Food, Instructor fee, Share Gear. Not included Traffic)
* Course Canceling Policy   
* Weather Risk : This outdoor course with certain weather. 
                           If the weather risk is too high, we may decided to cancel this course 
                           for safety concern. If the course cancel because of weather concern, 
                           we will return tuition deduce the insurance fee.

Group Size : 3 ~ 6 

Course Register : Please click --> ZA Course Register System

Course Outline:

  • Basic Mountain Backpacking Gear
  • Packing
  • The usage and tuning of backpack
  • Clothing System
  • Trip Plan
  • Blister Treatment
  • Camping Site Selection
  • Tent and Tarp
  • Cooking System
  • Food Plan
  • Overnigh Skills 
  • LNT Principle
  • Orientation
  • Ten Plus Essentials
  • Common outdoor first aid condition 
  • Basic Knots
  • Water Treatment