Winter Skills Course

Do you familiar the 3 season mountain backpacking and like to adventure in winter?  Or leading a recreational team in winter.This is the course designed for you! We will teach the skills of ascent summit in winter (non glacier). 

The goal of this course is let student to climbing Taiwan's mountains in winter independent.
The course length is 6 days that included 1 day pre_course in Taiwan and 5 days on site course in Nagano Japan.

The 1 day pre course included the course introduction, pre requirement check (skills and fitness) and basic skills in North Taiwan.
The 5 days on site course will host in Japan that included the skills training and practice.

Student will get the winter skills certification since pass the evaluation that can be the document for apply the winter ascent in Taiwan's national parks. However, the student will not get the certification if there is concern from instructor of independent mountaineering in winter. 

Course Outline

  • The human in the cold weather introduction
    • Equipment and clothing
    • Bivy in winter
    • Food plan
    • Main Risks: Burns, hypothermia, dehydration, AMS
  • Movement Skills
    • Without crampons
    • Self arrest
    • The use and applications of ice axes
    • French, German and American cramponing skills
    • Sliding 
    • Orientation
  • Rope Skills in winter
    • Technical select and application: rope, harness ice axes and crampon
    • Basic knots
    • Snow Anchor: picket, hip belay, T-slot
    • Top belay rope system
    • Fix rope and ascender
  • Rappelling Skill 
    • self back up
    • fireman belay, 
    • rope retrial
  • Rope Team
    • Set the length, Running belay
    • Simulate the falling and rescue
  • Leave No trace Skills - climbing/ camping / traveling 

Course Schedule: 2019 course under planning

Course Location: Nagano Mountain Area, Japan

Instructor: Sam Yang

1.5Km running in 35 minutes。
2.More than 3 mountain backpacking experience.
3.More than 5 night outdoor bivy experience.
4.There is ability to mountain backpacking in 3 season.

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Group Size : 6-8