Snow Season Skill Course

Do you familiar the 3 season mountain backpacking and like to adventure in snow season?
This is the course designed for you! We will teach the skills of ascent summit in winter. The goal of this course is that student hav the ability to climb Taiwan's mountains in snow season independently after course. The course length is 5 days that included 1 day pre_course and 4 days field course in Snow Mountain.

The 1 day pre course included the course introduction, pre requirement check (skills and fitness) and basic skills in North Taiwan. The 4 days on site course will host in Snow mountain that included the skills training and practice.

Student will get the Snow Season Skill Course certification since pass the evaluation that can be the document for apply the winter ascent in Taiwan's national parks. However, the student will not get the certification if there is concern from instructor of independent mountaineering in snow season. 

Course Schedule : 10th ~ 13th, February, 2023 (The course may adjust based on the snow condition)

Course Location : Snow Mountain, Taiwan

Group Size Limit : 4 (If more than 4 students, the the student who completed ZA mountaineering courses will be higher priority) 

Instructor: Sam Yang

Pre requisites:
  • More than 3 hiking trip at the altitude higher than 3000m.
  • More than 3 camping or bivy in the mountain.
  • Ability to do mountain backpacking in no snow condition.
  • Student need to deal with your own food, equipment and camping
Tuition : NT$16,000 (Tuition included instruction fee, Insurance, guest house and the transportation. 

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Course Schedule: 1 day pre course + 4 days in the Snow mountain
  • Day 0 : Pre- Course will host 1 month before go to Snow mountain. The pre course will cover the basic gear check, technical gear introduction and basic knots.
  • Day 1 : The night before Day 1 when we will gather at the Taichung HSR station and drive to the guest and cabin near Snow mountain trail head. Plan 7:00 start hike to  the Snow mountain cirque camping area.
  • Day 2~3 : The skill course and practice at the Snow mountain cirque.
  • Day 4 : move back to the trail head finish the course.

Course Outline:
  • The human in the cold weather introduction
    • Equipment and clothing
    • Bivy in winter
    • Food plan
    • Main Risks: Burns, hypothermia, dehydration, AMS
  • Movement Skills
    • Without crampons
    • Self arrest
    • The use and applications of ice axes
    • French, German and American cramponing skills
    • Sliding 
    • Orientation
  • Rope Skills in winter
    • Technical select and application: rope, harness ice axes and crampon
    • Basic knots
    • Snow Anchor: picket, hip belay, T-slot
    • Top belay rope system
    • Fix rope and ascender
    • Rappelling Skill 
      • self back up
      • fireman belay
      • rope retrial
    • Rope Team
      • Set the length
      • Running belay
      • Simulate the falling and rescue

    Gear List 

    • Cloths
      • Wick T - Shirt 
      • [Female] Sport Bra
      • Long Hiking Pants 
      • Warm Long Liner pants
      • Wind Jacket
      • Waterproof / Breathable Jacket
      • Waterproof / Breathable Pants
      • Warm Jacket
      • Waterproof and Warm glove
      • Warm hats
      • Baseball cap or scarf
      • Hiking Socks 
      • Gaiter
      • Backpacking boots

    • Fundamental 
      • Backpack
      • Liner Bag 
      • Sun Glasses 
      • Spare Glasses
      • Small Garbage plastic bag
      • Water bottle or water bag - the total capacity needs to be more than 2L. If you use a water bag, you need to bring an additional 500ml Nelgene water bottle.
      • Lightweight Thermos
      • [Female] Menstrual Supplies - Whether you are on your menstrual period or not, please prepare four sets of sanitary napkins or tampons, tissue paper, zipper bags and small plastic bags.
      • sunscreen
      • sunscreen lipstick
      • headlamp
      • swiss knife
      • Pen and Notebook
      • Hand dry or medicinal alcohol
      • Personal medicines - If you have special medicines, please inform the instructor before class.
      • emergency food
      • water-proof watch
      • A clean change of clothes - a separate bag to be changed after the course is over.
      • health ID card
      • Trekking Pole

    • Technical - The detail will explain in the day of pre course. We can provide the consult when you purchasing.
      • Smart phone with GPS application
      • Compass
      • Crampon with 12 tooth
      • Ice Axe
      • Helmet
      • Harness 
      • 4 x Pear shape carabiners 
      • 2 x Non locking carabiner
      • 120cm Dyneema Sewn sling
      • 60cm Dyneema Sewn sling
      • Sawn Prusik Sling (Sterling Ropes - Hollow Block 13.5'')

    • Camping
      • Winter Sleeping Bag
      • Compression Bag for sleeping bag
      • Main Sleeping bag
      • Secondary sleeping pad (Foam Pad)
      • Tent (Three or Four season) or Tarp with ground cloth  - this can share with 2 person
      • Pocket Stove, Gas, lighter - this can share with 2 person
      • Food (Breakfast, Dinner and Trail Food) - there is no cooking for lunch.
      • eating utensil
      • Tooth brush and Tooth paste