Canyon White Water Self Rescue Course


The white water is the main threaten of canyoning. In most of time, there no enough time to wait for the rescue arrive. Self rescue is the skill help you to escape. Therefore white water self rescue is the core skill of every canyoneer.

This course will start from the basic white water risk awareness. It included all different type risk current types and its properties. Then teach and practice the skill of self secure and rescue partners. This course not only lecture course but also include a lot practice section.  

Course Schedule : 2024 open course under planning (No bivy needed)

Course Location : Wulai Township, New Tiapei City

Instructor : ZA Instructor - Sam Yang.  Frank Wang

Registration : Please click ⇒ ZA Course Registration System

Group Size : 4-6 students with 2 instructors

Course Tuition : NT$7000 (Tuition included instruction fee, share gear, insurance)             

Pre Requirement:

  • No problem when doing the water activities with life jacket.
  • There is experience of river tracing or canyoning.
Course Outline:

  • Introduction of canyon white water rescue
  • The principle and skill of white water self rescue
  • The skill of river crossing
  • Identify the high risk current
  • Through rope rescue
  • Live bait rescue 
Personal Equipment
  • Life Jacket with U/L certified Type III or Type V
  • Helmet
  • Full body wetsuit (thickness 3mm minimum)
  • River tracing shoes 
  • 2 locking carabiners
  • 120 cm sewn sling
  • Whistle (Ex: FOX40_Classical)
  • Goggles