LNT Master Educator Course


Do you hope to training more people through the LNT Trainer course? 

The LNT Master Course will make attender with the deeper understand of LNT Principle with the teaching practice and training. This course will teach in the mountain trail in Taiwan.  This training will included the theory, operation and teaching practice.

Attender who complete the training can get the LNT Master Educator certification. 
The LNT Master Educator can offer the two days LNT Trainer course and LNT Awarness Workshop.

The instructor is Dr. Benjamin Rush who is the instructor of NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School). Ben is a professional outdoor educator with rich outdoor experience.

This course will conduct in English and ZA instructor with live translation in Chinese. 

Course Schedule : 2017 Course under planning

Course Location : Mountain Trail around North Taiwan 

Tuition : NT$ 28500 

* Course Canceling Policy   
* Weather Risk : This outdoor course with certain weather. 
                           If the weather risk is too high, we may decided to cancel this course 
                           for safety concern. If the course cancel because of weather concern, 
                           we will return tuition deduce the insurance fee.

Register : ZA Course Register System

Course Requirement : 
1. LNT Trainer Certification
2. Attender need to do multi days mountain backpacking.