Leave No Trace Trainer Course

Do we damage beautiful outdoor environment when we enjoy the outdoor activities?

Do you want to know the proper way of different kind of outdoor activities and minimum the impact of outdoor environment?

Do you want to be the seed to conduct these LNT knowledge and skills?

If you say yes of the above two questions, this course is designed for you!

In this LNT Trainer course, we will teach the Leave No Trace Principles and the Skills.
Furthermore, we will teach many outdoor skills such as stove usage, building tarps, make fires.We hope you can learn these skills and use in the outdoor environment.

You will get the LNT Trainer certification from LNT Center .You can offer the LNT Awareness Workshop to teach LNT Principles and skills.

This course will conduct in English and ZA instructor with live translation in Chinese. 

Course Outline
  • Plan ahead and prepare,
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces,
  • Dispose of waste properly,
  • Leave what you find,
  • Minimize campfire impacts,
  • Respect wildlife,
  • Be considerate of other visitors.

Course Schedule :  2019 course under planning

Course Location : Chin Shan Youth Center, New Taipei City.

Tuition : NT$3500 

Group Size : 15

Course Requirement : Attender need camping and carry personal gear.