ZA Canyoning Level II



This level is the highest level of ZA canyoning school of recreational canyoneer. The certified Level II canyoneer with the skills of leading group to explore the advanced canyons.

Level II canyoneer can be the assistant instructor of canyoning guide trip. ZA request student's skills achieve professional level because they will face many unknown challenge in advanced canyon and leading group.

Course Date : June, 21~23 & 29~30, 2019 (5 days course)

Course Location :  the first 3 days in North Taiwan, the last two days in South Taiwan  

Instructor : Sam Yang

Register : Please Use ⇒
 ZA Course Online Registration

Group Size : 3-5

Tuition : NT$12000 that included instructor fee, insurance, share gear

                (Attender need to deal with lunch, traffic, accommodation in Hsin Chu and personal gear.) 

*Weather Risk: This training with the weather risk. We will decide to keep going or not base on the weather. We may cancel the course such as the heavy
 rain forecast. We will return the tuition deduce the insurance and  administration processes fee. 

  1. ZA Canyoning Level I or Achieved equal skill level  (Please refer the Level I Skill Check List)
  2. Open water swim x 100m
  3. 10 times canyoning or river tracing experience at three different canyons.
Program Itinerary

Day 1 

Location : Canyon
Topics: Level I skills review /Advanced Anchoring /Safety Management/Risk Terrain Traverse/Rope Retrieval Skills

Meeting at the Level I canyon. After the brief introduce the Level II course, we will go into canyon. In the morning, we will review and check the Level I skills of each student. We will start the Level II course in the afternoon. The first topics is the advanced anchoring. We will cover the anchoring at different terrain ans conditions. The advanced anchoring will included the piton and passive rock protection placement. The next is the top site management. Level II's top site management will include the approaching with difficult terrain, high efficiency team management. The last part is the advanced rope retrieval system.

Day 2

Location : Rope Training Campus
Topics : Ascending/Decending/Treverse/Knot Passing/Rope Rescue

The topics in the second day are rope relative skills. The skills include the ascending, decending and trverse. Training is covered in this part too. 
The last part of the day is the rope rescue that included rigging transition and approaching rescue. It is a big day for fitness and brain.

Day 3

Location : Canyon
Topics : Ascending/ Decending / Kont Pass / Rescue / Guided Rappelling / Rigging System Transition

Student will be ask operate the skills what be taught in prious day that include rope system operation and rescue.
The guided rappelling system will be covered. There are also the edge management and rigging transistion in the canyon.
Course will invlove lots of on site operation.

Day 4 

Location : Canyon
Topics : Mechanical Advantage/Movement in the water/Basic WW rescue review/Canyon bordering skills

The fourth day course will follow with few days break. We will review the first three days topics the go into the canyon.
Then start with the rescue system setup and guided system. The second part will move to strong current area to learn the safety management of movement in the current. We also practice the cross the current and white water rescue in the canyon. The last part is the lead climbing belay in the canyon.

Day 5

Location : Canyon
Topics : Risk Management/ Level II assessment / Instructor Feedback

The main skills course will be finish in the first four days course. The last day is the canyoning risk management discussion and skills assessment.
It not only the technical skills but also the rescue exam. At the end, instructor will feedback the performance and announce the assessment result.

Assessment Result

The assessment will have three results : Pass, Re-Test, Fail
Pass : The attender's skills level is achieved the Level II standard.
Re-Test: There are some items does not achieve the Level II standard and need to join the 5th day assessment again.
Fail : The attender's most skills level does not achieve the Level II standard.

Course Outline
  • ZA Canyoning Training System
  • Advanced Canyoning Knowledge
  • Canyoning LNT
  • Advanced Rope Management
  • Advanced Canyoning Gear
  • Knots
  • Climbing Skills
  • Fix line 
  • Canyon Anchoring
  • Rappelling Skills
  • Rigging System
  • System Transition
  • Communication
  • Movement in the water
  • Advanced Self Rescue
  • Basic Canyoning Rescue
  • Team Risk Management
Gear List
  • Life Jacket (Certified Type III or Type V)
  • Helmet (With one of these certified, EN 1385, EN 12492, UIAA)
  • Harness (With EN 12 277 certified)
  • Full body wet suit with at least 3mm in thick
  • Descending Device (Figure 8, Petzl - Priana, Sterling - ATS, Rock Exotica - Totem, Kong  - OKA)
  • Canyoning Shoes 
  • 8 x locking carabiners (with CE EN 12275 certified)
  • 2 prusik cord ( 6mm in diameter, 150 cm in length) or 2 sewn prusik sling (length 30cm ~ 45cm)
  • 2 x 120cm double sling
  • Ascender (Ex: Petzl - T - bloc, Basic, Wildcountry - Ropeman, Kong - Duck)
  • Whistle for white water
  • Swim suit or fit wick layer
  • Goggle
  • Towel and Exchange Dry Clothes