ZA Canyoning School


ZA Canyoning Introduction

The main different between river tracing and canyoning is the direction of movement. The river tracing is from the down stream to the source of water that is more similar to mountaineering with different route.
The canyoning is from higher area move to lower in the canyoning. In general, the canyoning will involve more rope work and white water skills.

There are many incredible canyons in Taiwan. However, people need professional skill to go to there. In order to make more people to explore the beauty of canyons in Taiwan.
ZA offer the canyoning training and certification system with highest standard by ZA canyoning school in Taiwan.

The characteristics of ZA canyoning school's training is the combination of the solid knowledge and solid real operation in the canyon. The students is not only understand the knowledge but also perform the skills in the canyon under instructor's mentor.

ZA Canyoning Rating System

There are many different canyon rating system in the world. ZA use the canyon rating system in 2015 of ffme (Frence's rating system). The reason what we use this rating system because the terrain is more close to the characteristics of this rating system. This rating system is also accept by many countries in the Europe and New Zealand.The training system is close combined with the rating system. In this way, student is not only clear understand the skills what they learn but also easy to find the canyons what fit their ability.

The detail of ZA rating system, please refer below link

ZA Canyoning Training System


ZA Canyoning - Level I

The training target of level I is building the canyoning basic skills. This is not entry level training. This training suit those people who has experience of basic canyoning and recreational river tracing. The level I certified canyoneer with the canyoning skills to explore canyons with the rating v3a3III. Course and assessment are included in two days training (Course = 1.5 days, Assessment = 0.5 days). Attender will not be certified if they can not meet the certification standard.  

ZA Canyoning - Level II

This level is the highest level of ZA canyoning school of recreational canyoneer.The certified Level II canyoneer with the skill of leading group to explore the advanced canyons. Level II canyoneer can be the assistant instructor of canyoning guide trip. ZA request student's skill achieve professional level because they will face many unknown challenge in advanced canyon and leading group.
Level II traininig included two parts, 2 days skill training course and 2 days assessment. The course and assessment are separated section. In order to achieve the requirement of assessment. We suggest the student who join the assessment 6 month after the course.

ZA Canyoning Instructor - CI

The Canyoning Instructor is the professional level certification that suit who want to be the canyoning guide or canyoning instructor.This training of canyoning instructor included advanced canyoning skill, instruction skill, rescue skill and risk managment. Canyoning instructor training included two parts, the three days over night training and two days assessment. The certified canyoning instructor can choice join level I interns. They can be the certified level I trainer if they pass the evaluation.