Canyoning Instructor - Skills Check List

ZA Canyoning Training System

  • ZA Canyoning Instructor Certification 
    • Training, Assessment, Leading Interns, Instruction Intern, Probation
  • Terrain Definition of CI
    •  v5a4IV, Multi Days, Multi Pitches
  • Level I - ZA Canyoning Certification
    • Goal, Certification Standard, Trainer
Knowledge of Canyoning
  • The Definition of Canyoning
  • The Canyoning in the world
  • The Canyoning in Taiwan
  • The Terrain Characteristics of Different Canyons
Canyoning LNT
  • The Canyoning LNT Principle
  • The Teaching Skills of Canyoning LNT
Group Rope Management
  • Instructor Escape Rope
  • Throw Bag
  • Canyoning Rope for Group
    • Weight, Strength, Durability, Device Compatibility
Gear for Canyoning Training
  • Gear Check List
  • Risk Information Form
  • Instructor Pack
  • Group Gear
  • Training Gear
  • Bivy Gear
  • Rescue Gear
    • First Aid, White Water, Vertical
  • The Scenario of Knot Fail
  • Knot Tieing Teaching Skills
Group Climbing Management
  • Lead Climbing Belay
  • Top Roped Rope Belay
Ascent Skill
  • Guide Ascending Skills
  • Tension Rope Ascending
Group Safety Rope Management
  • Safety Zone Define
  • Group Safety Rope Management
  • Free Hanging Transverse Safety Rope
Group Climbing Management
  • Lead Climbing Belay
  • Top Roped Rope Belay
  • Client Safety Anchor
  • Top Roped Rappelling Site
  • Bolt Setting
  • Multi-Anchoring Point System
  • Advanced Retrial Anchor - Fiddle Stick
  • Tension The Guide Rappelling Rope
  • Clients be the first man or last man
  • Tension Rope Descending
  • Counter Weight Rappelling
Group Canyon communication

Group Movement in the water management
  • Under water safety check
  • Guiding client jump/slide
  • Rescue Standby
  • River Cross
Rescue Skills
  • Mechanical Advantage: 2:1, 3:1, 5:1, Piggy Back
  • Pull Up System
  • Static System transfer to pull or lower system
  • Rescue Line
  • Guiding Lowering 
  • Guiding Pull Up
  • Group Emergency Bivy Skill
  • Cut from top (Single & Double)
  • Ascent Approaching Pick and Cut
  • Ascent Approaching Weight Transfer
Training Risk Management
  • Data Collect - Client Background, Medical Information, Route Permit
  • Gear Check List - Instructor, Clients Group
  • Risk inform and duty release form
  • Partner System
  • Safety Check Point
  • Group Mangement during Problem Solving
  • Weather Forecast and Evaluation
  • Water/Food risk management
Client Care
  • Confirm individual client needs
  • Fear Handling 
  • Spare Plan