Canyoning Level 1 Course


Course Description

There are many secret and beautiful canyon in Taiwan!

You need professional canyoning skills to explore.
This course does not beginner course! This course is designed for people who want to be canyoning leader or explorer.We suggest the attender has previous experience of Canyoning, River Tracing and Rappelling.

This course will cover from basic movement skill to advance rope skills. You will learn many skills and practice in the field. Canyoning Level 1 included two parts, first part is one and half days course and another part is half days assessment. The attender who does not pass assessment can reserve half day re-assessment later within one year after course finish.

Course Schedule 
2024 open course under planning

Course LocationJianshi Township, Hsinchu county, Taiwan


  • There is indoor or outdoor climbing, river tracing experience
  • Regular exercise
  • No problem when doing the water activities with life jacket.

Tuition : NT$ 7000 (Included Instructor fee, certification fee and insurance)                                              

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Group Size : 4-6

Instructor : Sam Yang 

Program Itinerary

Day 1 - Introduction of Canyoning / Movement Skills / Rigging & Rappelling  /
            Anchoring / Top Site Management

The first day training will perform in the recreational river tracing canyon. Course will start with the introduce definition of canyoning and the background knowledge of canyoning. Then introduce the basic personal gear in canyoning. The attenders will tracing up in the canyon to the main training area. Instructor will teach the climbing skills, different belay methods of different terrains, discuss the main risks in the canyoning and the team management when movement in the canyon. The rope system course will start when we arrive the main training area. The rope system included basic knots, rappelling, rope rigging and anchoring. The movement under water that included water jump and water sliding will teach in this section too. All these topics that not only teach by instructor but also request the attender hand on practicing. The training in the canyon will finish around 15:00. Then move to the artificial rope course to teach the ascending and system transfer skills. At the end of the day, instructor will quick review the skills what teach within the day. The day 1 course will finish around 8 in the night. 

Day 2 - Basic Self Rescue / Movement Skills / Rope Skills / 

            Emergencies Condition in the Canyoning / Skills Assessment

The second days training is also in the canyon. The first part included reviewing the first day course on the way of canyoning, basic self rescue skills, safety line setting, white water self secure, orientation in the canyon. The main risks of canyoning and the way to avoid will be discussed too. The last section is the skills assessment. Instructor will ask attender perform the learned skills in the different area in the canyon. Instructor will feedback the each skills' assessment condition. In order to make sure the attenders are get correct information. If attenders' skills need to correct, instructor will demo the right way and ask attender perform again. The course and assessment plan to finish around 16:00. At the end, the instructors will announce the attenders' skill test result and offer the individual feedback.

Course Outline
  • Introduction of Canyoning
  • Leave No Trace of Canyoning
  • Equipment of Level 1 Canyoning
  • Rope Management
  • Movement and Spotting
  • Rappelling Skills
  • Anchoring
  • Rigging
  • Top Site Safety Management
  • Assessment
Personal Equipment List (The item with * means there is rental option from us)
  • * Life Jacket (UL Certified Type III or type V)
  • * Helmet (CE certify)
  • * Harness (CE Certify)
  • * Rappelling Device (Recommendation : Sterling ATS from Sterling Ropes)
  • * 2 x Sewn Prusik Loop  (Sterling - Hollow Block_13.5")
  • * Personal Safety Lanyard (Petzl - CONNECT ADJUST, DUAL CONNECT ADJUST or similar type dynamic lanyard)
  • * Whistle (Ex: FOX40_Classical)
  • Dyneema Sewn Sling 120cm in length
  • 6 x Full Size Pear Shape manual Locking Carabiners (Ex: Petzl - William)
  • Wetsuit (Thickness 3mm or above)
  • Canyoning Shoes or River Tracing Shoes
  • Goggle
  • Water Bottle (1L)
Gear Rental Fee ( For 2 days course usage, limit quantity)
  • 3mm Full Body Wetsuit - NT$300
  • River Tracing Shoes - NT$100
  • Life Jacket - NT$150
  • Helmet - NT$200
  • Canyoning Harness - NT$250
  • Canyoning Decending Device and Carabiner - NT$300
  • Sewn Prusik Sling - NT$200
  • Personal Lanyard and Carabiner - NT200 
  • 120cm Dyneema Sling - NT$100
  • Whistle - NT$50
  • 4 x Locking Pear Shape Carabiner - NT$300